Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Baby boom

Another friend had a baby recently, so I got another opportunity to make something to give away. I thought I'd try crocheting a baby cap this time. Here's the result:

The material is "Sublime" - Baby Cotton Kapok dk. The cap used up about 40 gr of it. I chose cotton over wool as I thought it would be more easily washable. The baby is a boy, and while I didn't want to go for 'boy-blue', I also didn't want to perhaps put the friends off by using 'girlish' colours - so I opted for a nice bluish grey.

The pattern was a freebie from Craftsy, which you get via liking their facebook presence. It was very easy, so could be worked without referring to the pattern almost immediately.
However, the stitch counts recommended there didn't seem to work - once more I had to make the piece a lot bigger than stated in the pattern. I used a 3.5 needle, but the wool was for a 4 needle, which was the same as in the pattern. When I'd reached the bigger one of the stitch counts given in the pattern, the cap still looked like it might fit a doll, but not a real baby. Of course, not having been around a newly-born myself before didn't help, but I googled average head-circumference of newly-borns and added a row to the top of the cap to bring the stitch count up to making ca. 40 cm circumference.

It was fun and easy to make, but I can't tell if the size was right, as it went to a friend in another country.

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