Friday, 5 October 2012

Autumn Cap

A quick crochet cap I first made two years ago, and then altered today to make it a bit less wide.

It's made using a size-7 hook from one 100-gram-skein of chunky pure wool, hand-dyed, which I bought at a crafts market two years ago. With the lovely, autumn colours, there's no need for any pattern - it's all just double and single (at beginning and end) crochet and might be done in under two hours, were it not for having to try out and re-do stuff for size. When it was first finished, I thought it was fine, but after wearing it a few times was a bit unsatisfied with the loose fit. So, today, I undid the last three rows of 56, resp. 54 stitches, decreased the 54 to 51, then to 50, to make it fit more tightly, then increased again to 51, to make the rim fold up better. 

It's fits pretty snugly now, and I hope it's not too tight. It's a bit long when worn without the fold, but that'll cover the ears nicely. For milder weather, I usually wear it with the rim folded up as in the second photo.

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  1. What lovely yarn - very autumnal.

    I see from your profile that you too are a Tolkien enthusiast. How did you feel about the film version of LOTR?

    (You can read my opinion here: )

    I am looking forward to the "Hobbit" film, though I just heard that it is now to be a TRILOGY. I do hope they don't mess with the story!

    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog :)