Monday, 30 April 2012

Baby bib

A friend of mine had a baby girl in November 2011, which gave me the opportunity to make something for a baby.
I found this bib in the needlework department at Kaufhof or Karstadt, with an Aida field for cross-stitch, and I thought I'd stitch the baby's name together with something decorative.

So, yes, the baby is called "Ada" - which is short enough to make it very little work to stitch, but also so short as to need something to make it interesting.

I got the idea with the building blocks pretty quickly but was sure I'd seen something like that in one of my many pattern magazines. So I looked and looked, but no luck. Maybe I imagined it. After a couple of hours I concluded it would be quicker to design the blocks myself. (Which explains why they look a bit crooked. ;) )

As usual, it took me ages to decide on the colours (and I've now forgotten which ones I used), but I do like the result.

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