Wednesday, 18 April 2012


I found this pretty ribbon material at Karstadt or Kaufhof last year and bought the last approx. 130 cm they had. It's really meant for making decorative bows etc, of course, but the width of the stitching area is exactly what I like for bookmarks, the colour is pretty and neutral, and the thread count an ideal medium, making stitches small enough to look nice while being easily visible. The margin is pretty, too, I think, even though it makes the bookmark a bit wider than normal.

Thread count allows 31 stitches at a 2x2 stitch, and 63 at 1x1.

Here are two bookmarks I made as Christmas presents for the ladies named in the stitching. 


Both patterns are from cross-stitch magazines - I'll have to see if I can find which ones. I did replace colours, but don't remember what I used.
The "J" is Anchor 401(anthracite, not black) and consists of line-stitches like the style used in blackwork, while the flowers are cross-stitch.

The next two were planned to be Christmas presents, too, but I didn't get them all done, so as both these friends had birthdays in March, I made them for birthday presents. They were for guys, so I was looking for something less floral and more geometrical/abstract.

The pattern used here is from Anna Special, Kreuzstichmuster, issue E719, with a slight change in that I left out an additional bit of green in the corners of the crosses - at five stitches in two colours for each of the twelve corners, it seemed way more trouble than it was worth, and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.
Colours used are Anchor 22 and 894 (for the dark red and pink, resp.) and 940 and 977 for the dark and light blue, resp.

This is made from a pattern found online (at Needle Artistry, googling for "Celtic pattern"), except I didn't fill the background with stitches, as suggested there, but only made the Celtic knot, using my own colour choice, too. The colour used is Anchor 22, and the pattern used up most of a skein.

There's just enough fabric left for one more - guess that might be one for me, then. ;) :D

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